2020 Technical Awards: Finalists

Best New Currency Feature or Product Finalists

1. Satellite Hologram Feature– European Central Bank

2. Projection Based Image Feature– The Reserve Bank of Australia with The Walt Disney Company

3. Optimising the Visualisation of Security Thread in Banknotes–  Central Bank of the Bahamas, Landqart AG, Canadian Banknote Ltd.

4. Oman 50 RIAL varifeye CC Patch– Central Bank of Oman Louisenthal Papierfabrik Giesecke & Devrient

5. Solomon Islands New $5 Featuring SUSI Flip™  Central Bank of the Solomon Islands

Best New Currency Innovation Finalists


2. Singapore Bicentennial Commemorative note pre-order process — Monetary Authority of Singapore

3. Hybrid Micro and Nanostructures– Nanotech Security Corp.

4. Advanced DLR Analytics– De La Rue

Best New Environmental Sustainability Project Finalists

1. Earth 365-challenge carbon footprint– Oberthur Fiduciaire

2. Banknotes- how a value chain becomes sustainable– Louisenthal Papierfabrik

3. Actions towards environmental sustainability– Banco de la Républica Colombia

4. Optimizing the Guardian manufacturing process– CCL Secure PTY Ltd

5. De La Rue’s Carbon Neutral Banknote Service– De La Rue