2020 Technical Awards: Nominees

Best New Currency Feature or Product

Image (PBI) Feature

Singapore Bicentennial Commemorative Note  3

Satellite hologram feature on the high denomination euro banknotes

KINEGRAM® HDM metallization technology

Oman 50 Rial- varifeye CC Patch

Spartan – A new option for the coin note boundary

Vivid™ – The durable family of features illuminate under ultraviolet (UV) light

Solomon Islands New $5 featuring SUSI Flip (TM)

Ignite Thread

PureImage Thread

Augmented reality banknote commemorating the 60th anniversary of Bank Al-Maghrib

Commemorative Banknote of the 20th Anniversary of the Enthronement of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI

Optimising the Visualisation of Security Thread in Banknotes

The first-ever combination of Durasafe® composite substrate and RAPID® thread.

Best New Currency Innovation

Singapore Bicentennial Commemorative Note Order Process

Nanotech Security Corp

KINEGRAM® APL – an invention that revolutionizes the foil application process in the printing works

varifeye CC Patch

Advanced DLR Analytics

Ukraine M5 zinc based coin

Best New Environmental Sustainability Project

Earth 365 – challenge carbon footprint

Banknotes- how a value chain becomes sustainable

Actions towards Environmental Sustainability

Optimising the Guardian manufacturing process for a reduced carbon footprint at CCL Secure

De La Rue’s Carbon Neutral Banknote Service