2020 Technical Awards: Winners

The Winners have been announced!

Click here to see a conversation with Steve Casey of Note Printing Australia, winner of the IACA 2020 Award for Best New Currency Feature or Product.

Click here to see a conversation with Ruth Euling of De La Rue, winner of the IACA 2020 Award for Best New Currency Innovation.

Best New Currency Feature

Solomon Islands New $5 Featuring SUSI Flip™ nominated by  Central Bank of the Solomon Islands and Note Printing Australia

SUSI Flip™ utilises simultaneous printing to achieve an additional ‘third’ colour through the combination of two precisely registered, high fidelity-coloured lines under UV light. In the case of the Solomon Islands, the combination of red and yellow was used to create orange, resulting in a striking UV feature effect that carries the sustainable fishing theme.

Significantly, due to the fact that SUSI Flip™ is a product of design know-how and machine capability, the feature comes at no additional cost to the customer.

Best New Currency Innovation

Advanced DLR Analytics nominated by De La Rue

DLR Analytics first launched at the Currency Conference in May 2017 and provided all central banks with free access to standard cash cycle analytics, commonly used forecasting algorithms and a platform to exchange best practice about cash cycle management and analysis (e.g. via webinars and the Cash Cycle Partnership Seminar). Provided as a securely hosted cloud service, central banks simply need to type in the URL for their service and log in to upload their data and see the latest analysis and graphs.

Best New Environmental Sustainability Project

Banknotes-How a value chain becomes sustainable nominated by Louisenthal Papierfabrik

This project is a step towards our vision to develop the most sustainable banknote. In our study we examine the lifecycle of a banknote.
Starting with its value chain we present and compare the raw materials used for cash. For one thing we are increasing the proportion of organic and Fairtrade cotton used in our products. And we think further and have developed Synthec®, a product that is much far more tear-resistant and therefore more durable with synthetic fibres.