Bank of Namibia

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As the Central Bank of Namibia, we are entrusted with various functions such as supporting economic growth and development, act as fiscal advisor and banker to Government, promote price stability, manage reserves and currency, ensure sound financial system and conduct economic research.

Our Functions

The objective of the Central Bank of Namibia, according the Namibian Constitution, is to “serve as the State’s principle instrument to control the money supply, the currency and the institutions of finance and to perform all other functions ordinarily performed by a central bank”. The Bank of Namibia Act No. 15 of 1997 further elaborates on this by laying down the following objectives:

To promote and maintain a sound monetary, credit and financial system, in Namibia and to sustain the liquidity, solvency and functioning of that system.
To promote and maintain internal and external monetary stability and efficient payment mechanism;
To foster monetary, credit and financial conditions conducive to the orderly, balanced and sustained economic development of Namibia;
To serve as the Governments’ banker, financial advisor and fiscal agent; and
To assist in the attainment of national economic goals.

Our Corporate Charter
Our vision is to be a centre of excellence – a professional and credible institution – working in the public interest, and supporting the achievement of the national economic development goals.

To support economic growth and development in Namibia, we:
act as fiscal adviser and banker to Government
promote price stability
manage reserves and currency
ensure sound financial system and
conduct economic research

We value high performance impact and excellence.
We uphold open communication, diversity, integrity and teamwork.
We care for each others well-being.