Casa De Moneda De Chile


Casa de Moneda de Chile S.A.


Casa de Moneda de Chile S.A., The Chilean Mint and Securities Printing House is the oldest institution of its kind under continuous operation in Chile dedicated to minting coins and banknote and securities printing.

Casa de Moneda de Chile S.A. is a government-owned corporation which has undertaken a strategic renovation plan since 2009 to ensure a leading role in the securities printing market.  The company’s strategy has focused on developing its potential as a modern, safe and efficiently-run company, offering products of the highest quality for both national and international markets and thereby echoing its underlying values: Quality, Security and Trust.

Casa de Moneda de Chile S.A. has deployed an investment plan to incorporate a new banknote line with the most modern KBA NotaSys equipment available today. The acquisition plan includes modern machinery for offset printing, screen printing, gravure, typography and flexography, with automated pre-press verification and a SPARK module.

The new infrastructure, which will be fully operational in 2013, will not only increase the company’s current productive capacity but will also convert it into the most modern, secure and trustworthy option for banknote printing in Latin America.