2019 Winners


Bank of Canada – $10 Celebration of 150th anniversary of Confederation



In 2017, Canada celebrated the 150th anniversary of Confederation – the process by which the modern Dominion of Canada was first created. The Bank of Canada marked this special event by issuing a polymer commemorative circulating $10 bank note. With this note, the Bank adopted a proven technical configuration while allowing room for innovation. In summary, the Canada 150 note included several new features and technical innovations:

  • first use of a Surface Relief feature
  • first Bank of Canada note since the 1970s to use two-sided intaglio
  • first time using four colours of intaglio ink on one side of a note
  • first use of a SPARK feature in a Canadian banknote


Common Detector Interface 2 (CDI2) – Federal Reserve System / European Central Bank    

  • CDI2 (Common Detector Interface 2) is a novel, open standard for high speed Banknote Sorting Machines (BSMs) that allows for:
  • an easy integration of all types of detectors, including high quality camera systems for fitness detection, irrespective of the BSM or detector vendor.
  • standardised access to the results and images of detectors for any central bank to implement their own algorithms or conduct data analysis.
  • a flexible and powerful decision-making logic allowing the central bank to adjust the BSM sorting logic according to their needs.


South African Reserve Bank Currency Mobile App

  • In July 2018, The South African Reserve Bank launched the commemorative Madiba banknotes series. Alongside the release of the commemorative banknotes a Currency Mobile App was developed and launched.
  • The purpose of the technology was to drive awareness and education on the various features of the South African banknotes, demonstrating the design, security, technical and quality elements.
  • A salient feature of the mobile app is the ‘Augmented Reality’ functionality. When a banknote is scanned using the camera of a smartphone, the banknote features ‘pop up’ virtually, with animation and sound. Although in two dimensions, the user experience remains the same when the banknote is rotated.


Bank of Canada – vertical $10 bank note

The Bank of Canada’s new $10 bank note marks a new direction for Canada’s polymer notes. It is the first vertical note issued by the Bank of Canada and it is the first time that Canadians were actively involved in a portrait selection.

  • The introduction of this note also marks a shift towards a staggered approach to note issuance.
  • This note uses intaglio ink to create a dark background print for the large high contrast number ‘10’ in the top corner on the front of the note. This near full coverage intaglio bleeds off the edge of the note and creates both visual interest and a tactile element not seen on previous Canadian notes. It is also an excellent vehicle for the magnetic and infrared inks, producing a strong signal for machine readability.