M/S. Currencylogy was established in the year of 2008 as a Trading House. Currencylogy is a fully private organization and Dr. Mohammed Jalal Uddin is its owner. Initially it started doing multifarious business in home and abroad. With the passage of time it focused at the Security Printing and Minting Business and became a leading trade house in the country in this field. Due to our ceaseless efforts and dynamic endeavor of the respective departments, this organization could achieve the heart of the principals we represent through achievement of business. Our office is located at the Diplomatic Enclave of the Dhaka city, which is the best area in Bangladesh. Please allow us to furnish you the following information which we believe will help you to evaluate our organization.


174/1, Middle Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone: +880 2 9899789
Fax: +880 2 9899789

Contact Person

Dr. Mohammad Jalal Uddin

Engineer Shahanaz Sharmin
Vice President

Abdus Sattar
General Manager (Marketing)

Internal Departments

a. Security Printing Department
b. Minted Coin Department
c. Administrative Department
d. Engineering Department


Present Manpower of our company is around 110 persons. Name and little information about the head of the Departments.

Advisory Committee

Dr. Mohammad Shoib Ahmed, Former Chairman of National Board of Revenue and Former Adviser to the Care Taker Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh for Ministry of Finance (equivalent to Minister).

Mohammad Siddiqur Rahman – Diploma from the U.K. on Printing and Higher Degree from Germany on Security Printing – former Controller of the Government Printing Press, Dhaka

Dr. Mohammad Jalal Uddin, President – He received his Ph.D degree from the USA on Security Printing and Ante Counterfeiting. He was the HONORARY CONSUL of Spain to Bangladesh since 1995 and he continued this prestigious position till opening of full-fledged Embassy of Spain in 2009.

  1. Engineer Shahanaz Sharmin, B.Sc Engineer (Mech) and higher trained from Japan, USA, Spain and France – Vice President.
  2. Mr. Abdus Sattar – A post graduate from Dhaka University and having vast experience of around 35 years and head of the security printing sector.
  3. Major (Retd) M. Sirajul Islam, Chief Administrative officer.
  4. Mr. Azizur Rahman Choudhury, B.Sc. MBA, Head of the Engineering Department.

And a team of Engineers, Technicians and marketing executives.

Represent Foreign Principals

We represent a good numbers of foreign principal as their Local Agent in Bangladesh.


Currencylogy has been working with reputation in the following sectors:

(a) Security Printing
(b) Security Printing Machinery
(c) Minted Coins
(d) Passports
(e) Money Handling Machine
(f) Other Printing Machinery
(g) National ID Card


Currencylogy has been working in supplying banknotes ink, papers, machinery, equipment and other related chemicals which is a very important and significant business in the country. We have introduced OVI (Optically Variable Ink) in Bangladesh and now being used on 100, 500 and 1000 Taka Bank Notes to protect bank notes from forgery.


Currencylogy has experienced and well-equipped Engineers in the line of printing. So this organization has been able to supply printing machinery and technologies in the relevant organizations.


We are supplying circulated coins in Bangladesh and presently we have received an order for 600 million pieces of 5 Taka coin.


In Bangladesh, there is no passport printing project. Only finished passports are supplied through a tender. Last time we participated in the tender could not qualify due to their high price.


We have supplied Bank Note Sorting Machines to various banks in Bangladesh. For maintenance and operation of these machines we have trained and experienced Engineers. We are giving satisfactory services to the customers of these Money Handling Machines.


Presently we are working on National ID Card Project.


Mr. Jalal, the President of this organization normally does not miss any International Security Printing corporation held anywhere in the world. in the ensuing Hanoi Security Conference, he has been nominated as a guest speaker.

Besides this please contact us if you need anything to know.