De Nederlandsche Bank



Website: WWW.DNB.NL

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) is the central Bank of the Netherlands. As a national central bank, we are member of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB). Stable prices, smooth and safe payments and robust and reliable financial institutions are essential preconditions for a healthy economy and prosperity. As a central bank we work on this. We do so in a professional environment that is equal to the dynamics of today’s financial world. And we do so in a multidisciplinary setting and in an international context.

A stable financial system strongly depends on secure and reliable payment systems. Everybody must be able to pay without any problem in coins and banknotes, but also using their prepaid card and credit card, or via the Internet. And the millions of transactions executed by banks each day must be processed securely and without disruptions. Banknotes must be well-protected against counterfeiting and checked regularly. Together with the ECB and the central banks of the other euro area countries, DNB is engaged in developing secure banknotes. DNB issues banknotes and keeps the banknote circulation in shape. Every day, DNB checks millions of banknotes for authenticity and fitness. In its research DNB is focussed on increasing the lifetime of banknotes (durable product as well as effective sorting) and studying the use and perception of banknotes (stakeholders approach).