Criteria For Nomination

Candidates for induction into the Currency Hall of Fame™ will be individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements that have benefited their country or the world’s currency industry.

A lifetime of service to the industry meriting consideration for the Currency Hall of Fame™ normally will be evaluated after an individual has retired from their significant career in the industry and has reached the age of 60 years.

Candidates need not be in or from the industry, only to have made a contribution to the industry. A significant industry an event or a group may also be considered for induction.

Anyone may nominate a candidate for the CHF. The deadline for nominations shall be 90 days prior to the next Currency Conference. Nominating sponsors will submit a written proposal detailing the reasons for consideration of the candidate. Whenever possible, the nomination also should include the candidate’s resume, curriculum vitae, or detailed biographical statement.

Nominations can be sent at any time to for possible inclusion in the next round of inductees. The IACA Board will ultimately decide to whom this honour should be bestowed.