IACA Officers:

Richard Wall
IACA Chairman & Retired Managing Director of the Currency Department- Bank of Canada

Being effective in Currency field means achieving the right balance between existing technologies and innovation, maintaining and enhancing existing relationships and making room for new entrants, working collaboratively with industry and developing solutions to meet your specific needs. IACA is the forum where all stakeholders can debate those issues which are key to finding the right balance which best serves Currency as a whole.

Marci Chavez
Executive Director, International Association of Currency Affairs

"I am so pleased to serve as IACA’s Executive Director effective January 2022 after having served as Treasurer since its inception over 15 years ago and later as Board Director. IACA is THE Banknote Industry’s Association-- representing all stakeholders of Cash-- supporting knowledge-sharing and programs that encourage excellence, resiliency and efficiency of Banknotes and the stakeholders who produce and manage them. Never before does the industry need to work together more and IACA provides the forum and opportunity to do so."

Brian J. Lang
Executive Vice President International Association of Currency Affairs

"The currency function is an integral part of all Central Banks, but when I first became responsible for this function at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in 1990 no forum existed for the exchange of information. The inception of industry conferences in 1992 was the first step forward. In today’s fast changing world, IACA provides an on-going source of industry information, guidelines for best practice and an opportunity to exchange ideas. All stakeholders in the cash industry can benefit from involvement with IACA."

Sybil Baxter
Secretary and Adminstrator

"I am honoured and privileged to be able to work with all the amazing IACA members."

Maureen Carroll
Managing Director- Bank of Canada

Tim Driscoll
VP, Currency, Authentix

"With rapid fire technological developments and an ever changing host of issues that Central Banks must resolve, it's imperative to have an organization like IACA that serves the entire Currency community by providing a clearinghouse for information and a forum for discussion and collaboration."

Ruth Euling
Managing Director, De La Rue Currency

Beat Grossenbacher
Head of Cash at the Swiss National Bank

My experience in the cash supplier industries as well as in my role at the Central Bank taught me how important it is to share and exchange information and collaboration between different stakeholders in order to develop and improve an effective cash product or efficient processes. In a digitized world, this education of the global cash community becomes even more important. IACA is a specific forum to bring all the partners together and benefit from their experiences and expertise.

Stefan Hardt
Director General Cash Management Deutsche Bundesbank

Antti Heinonen
Chairman of the Banknote Ethics Initiative

"The future of cash is very much in the hands of the people who are responsible for its management in their organizations. These people should be ready to adapt to new market conditions, use technological opportunities and involve the various stakeholders in the cash cycle in the development work. Every opportunity should be exploited to learn from best practices both within the industry and central banks. IACA provides a specific forum for that."

Neil Sanders
Vice President and Managing Director of CCL Secure

Gianni Santoro
CEO Currency Services and Solutions SICPA SA

"Means of payment have considerably diversified over the last years with technology and deregulation contributing to this process. At the same time the demand for cash has continued to grow constantly worldwide. The unbiased forum provided by IACA aims at bringing cash cycle stakeholders together to better understand trends and threats to both the public and private sectors."

Wolfram Seidemann
CEO G+D Technology GmbH

“Banknotes are part of modern life! And it is our mission to keep cash competitive. The IACA is a good platform for customers and suppliers alike, bringing them together: to share experiences, pick up industry trends, discuss changes in the payment landscape and to learn about customer requirements for the future cash cycle.”

Jens Seidl
President/CEO Currency Research

In times where consumer payment behaviour changes perhaps more quickly than ever before with the advancement of new technologies, it is paramount that the key stakeholders in the currency industry use every opportunity to ensure the competitiveness of cash payments through dialogue, sharing insights and planning for the future. IACA provides a great framework to do so by bringing customers and suppliers together in an unbiassed forum.