InterCrim Press



InterCrim Press is one of the leaders in publishing books and reference materials on currency identification, fraud prevention, credit cards and payment systems security, commemorative coins and the market of security papers in Russia.

InterCrim Press tries to bridge a gap of knowledge and provide the bankers, security printers, currency cashiers and other professionals involved in currency business with comprehensive one-stop source of information on the currency circulation on the globe. Our annual catalog “Banknotes of the World: Currency Circulation” provides a complete overview of all banknotes found in circulation around the globe.

The information is updated monthly in newsletters sent to subscribers. The catalog gives full color images of front and back sides of each note with description of 14 security features used on notes (watermark, security thread, microprinting, latent image, see through register, OVI, DOVD, foil embossing, shadow image, transparent window, colorless embossing, metallic ink, STRAP, microperf.) It includes information on redeemable and withdrawn banknotes, and a brief overview of each country’s political structure.

We also put a great emphasis in our publication on currency identification and counterfeits detection. Each issue of the “Banknotes of the World” journal contains information on seized counterfeits with their color pictures and detailed description.

In preparing the publications InterCrim Press closely collaborates with governmental bodies such as the Russian Finance Ministry, the Forensic Center at the Interior Ministry, the Bank of Russia, national and commercial banks, various banking associations, as well as private companies.