Website: WWW.MK-SP.RU

Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga – Security Papers (MK-SP) specializes in the production of banknotes and the development of special paper used to manufacture money both in Russia and abroad, as well as the manufacturing of federal tax forms, postage stamps and documents. (MK-SP) employs top specialists with international experience and background in working with raw materials on the most technologically advanced equipment. The company’s expert consultants head the re-outfitting and installation of new technology at all of Russia’s paper and coin manufacturing facilities operated by GOZNAK. They also oversee the re-outfitting of the paper manufacturing plant in Uzbekistan, printing factories used by national banks in Bulgaria and Cambodia, production lines at metal and printing paint manufacturing facilities in Russia, production of special-order goods for the Moscow Bureau of Interpol.

Paper mills, used by (MK-SP) have two centuries of experience of banknote and document paper production. Thanks to combining old secrets and traditions with recent developments, state-of-the-art engineering and technology the papermaking has become genuine art. Today our paper mills offer the customer the following paper range: Banknote paper with more than 15 security levels, Paper for production of securities (shares, bonds, certificates, etc.) with the local, band, and general watermark; and with threads containing microtext and other security features.