Royal Canadian Mint



The Royal Canadian Mint is renowned world-wide for its innovation and leadership of the global minting industry. Since setting new security and durability standards by inventing multi-ply plated steel technology in the late 1990s, the Mint has continued to raise the bar by patenting new single and multi-layer plating processes for both white and yellow circulation coins. Ten years after breaking new ground by launching the world’s first coloured circulation coin and continually driving the evolution of coin colouring, we remain the sole supplier of a technology which greatly enhances the impact of commemorative circulation coins and promotes their collection by the public.

Through our investment in a state-of-the-art research facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba and strategic partnerships with world-class technology suppliers, the Mint stands firmly at the leading edge of overt and covert security feature development which, since 2012, has made Canada’s $1 and $2 circulation coins the most secure in the world. In 2013, the unrivaled combination of advanced security features applied to these high-value circulation coins earned the International Association of Currency Affairs’ inaugural Best New Coin Innovation Excellence in Currency Award for the world’s most significant coin security advance of the year.

Our impressive menu of coin manufacturing technologies is matched by an outstanding array of consulting services. As the only mint in the world to manage a national coin distribution system, the Mint is unique in being able to cover the full spectrum of services needed to manage the production, introduction and circulation of new coinage. From tooling to technology transfers and even marketing and communications campaigns, the Mint is available to a growing list of international customers looking for the best products and services to achieve the integrity, reliability and effectiveness of a modern currency system.

The Mint also prides itself on being innovative in all its lines of business. We are an award-winning and best-selling producer of finely crafted collector coins and medals, as well as a market leader and pace-setter in gold refining and bullion production, with achievements such as 99.999% pure gold and our flagship Gold Maple Leaf and Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins to our credit.

The Royal Canadian Mint brand stands for pride, innovation, and trust. It is by these words that we define our promise to meet the individual needs of all our customers.

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