Secura Monde International




Since 1995 SMI has advised and supported Central Banks on currency issues and is now widely regarded as the world’s leading independent technical and commercial cash consultancy.

SMI advisory services focus on the specification, design, production, technology and issue of banknotes and coins, and include analysis of the currency structure, coin-note boundary and re-circulation of cash within national cash cycles.

SMI clients include Central Banks, state and commercial banknote printing works, banknote paper makers and security feature producers, as well as major brand owners and the suppliers of all types of cash handling and processing equipment.

SMI consultants have comprehensive experience of the banknote industry, with expertise spanning banknote production and advisory services, banknote design and anti-counterfeit technologies, market analysis, vault management technologies and cash distribution.

SMI also provides expertise in the cash processing industry, working with the major suppliers of sorting and detection systems on product development, market analysis and business strategy.

In the ‘post-issue’ market SMI also provides independent consultancy to Central Banks focusing on cash cycle review, technology requirement analysis and the development of strategic templates for short and long-term cash strategies.